Hip-hop, drill, trap-shaabi - in all of its various forms, rap continues to conquer hearts and charts across the Middle East. What was once a dirty word has now seeped into the mainstream, as rappers from Morocco, to Egypt, to Palestine, step forward as the voices of their generation and the superstars of the next. As usual, we've gathered our favourite rap releases from the Arab world and diaspora, for not other reason than to shamelessly and revel in the gluttony of rap. Feast.

Abysuif x Randar x 3enba - Abtal El Le3ba El Far3i x Haykal - Lamma AlGyadat AlOlya & Marwan Moussa - Hustle OT Sygma - DM El Joker - Teena Mo Salem - El Maadi 2 Flex ft. Husayn - Shayateen CKay ft. ElGrandeToto - Love Nwantiti [North African Remix] Ka2en (Ge11o, Kamikazem & Sudma) - Lamba Moudy - Khattaf