Launched under Berlin-based label Moodwaves’ sub-label Conceptual Moods, ‘Oriental Waves’ features a diverse group of international artists exploring the breadth of Middle Eastern and Asian musical cultures through the lens of contemporary electronic music.

The VA encompasses four tracks, with two per each side of the Vinyl. The first track of the A-side, ‘I’m Lost in The Desert’, sees French producer, live act, and Soundsystem enthusiast Paul Tellimerg delivering a fresh take on microhouse, featuring deep yet sweeping grooves, and playful synths-packed tunes with Eastern influences and spacey vocals.

For the second track, ‘Feel Master Wu’, Germany-based Australian artist Locky Mazzucchelli presents a funky fresh effort, featuring intricately woven percussion, and sweltering basslines with rhythmic Qanun undertones.

On the B1 of the four-track VA, Italian artist Marco Danto, from electronic dance group Italoboyz, crafts a distinctive driving mystical tune intersected with riq rhythms, and twinkling synths, that evoke a kind of a trance-like state the minute you hear it. 

Ending on a high note, ‘Oriental Waves’ culminates with ‘Nydi (Al Baik Dub), which features DJ Shaque and Tjizza, founders of Moodwaves, drawing inspiration from Bangladeshi culture to reimagine the traditional Bengali instruments with club-style dance melodies and wavering synths. Meanwhile, the bonus track ‘Pandma Flow’ is a one-minute melodic tune with poignant piano notes accompanied by the swooshing sounds of water at the beach.