Badeela is SceneNoise’s monthly playlist of alternative MENA music, bringing you the latest releases from the region’s most cutting-edge artists.

This month, we heard Jordanian acts Jadal with a spiraling guitar line on ‘Fattaht’, Autostrad with their latest atmospheric electro-pop track “Nasini”, and Idreesi and Ahmed Diaa’s new dream-pop inspired sound on ‘7abib Kol Shi Feeki’.

Meanwhile, poplar Egyptian band Luka Wel Batteekh released their latest bittersweet sing-along ‘Shamss’, while Dina Elwedidi released her latest summer bop‘Ya Ghazal’ along with production duo Twyxx. Saudi Arabian band Seera, meanwhile, made their debut with their driving single, ‘Junoon Almal’.


  • Dina Elwedidi X Twyxx - Ya Ghazal
  • Wust El Balad - 3al Wa3d
  • Autostrad – Nasini
  • Idreesi X Ahmed Diaa - 7abib Kol Shi Feeki
  • Seera - Junoon Almal
  • JadaL - Fattaht
  • Luka Wel Batteekh - Shamss
  • The Wanton Bishops - Do What You're Told
  • Pink Seasalt - Slip N' Slide
  • Sary Hany and Amir Eid - Law Kan
  • Klinsh - Minnak Lillah (Ft. Riff)
  • Rasas - Ma Sefi Hada
  • Hanymust - I Ask Nothing
  • Wd Alzain - Same Man (Feat. Rxnin)
  • Khansa - Sirna
  • Gharam Electric - Dakhen Maa Shababi

Listen to the full playlist here: