Independent Tunisian label ‘Are You Alien’ has just dropped a dynamic 8-track compilation of groovy beats and tech house to set summer in motion. Founded in 2019 by HearThug, Briki and Frigrepublic, ‘Are You Alien’ releases fun, extraterrestrial compilations that span deep house, acid, UK garage and break beat.

With over a dozen album releases, the Tunisian label continues to unearth and give platform to some of the region’s most inventive electronic music producers. ‘Spicey Space Vol.3’ brings together some familiar names from Volumes 1 and 2 like Briki, Ahmet Mecnun and Dawan, whilst sprinkling a couple new names into the works too.

Volen’s ‘Juan pachangas’ packs head-bopping house with a thudding 4/4 signature fleshed out by Latin instrumentals, which’ll make it one for the beach club as the weather heats up.

Paperkraft’s ‘Dimples’ is a kaleidoscope of musical elements which we imagine will be bringing out the quirkiest of dance moves. Briki’s track ‘Imagination,’ meanwhile, chimes with the ‘Spicey Space’ album title with its futuristic synths and floaty vocals nudging listeners to ‘let your imagination run free.’