Hossam Mont, an Alexandria-based techno rapper, has already released a few singles under his moniker Demi Demon, presenting himself as a man with a plan to bring techno back to the scene. And with a sound that keeps improving, his plan seems to be slowly coming to fruition.

Demi’s latest release is the pounding ‘Golden Boy’, and we think it’s great. The short song features a pounding rhythm that utilizes an endlessly punchy kick drum, and together with a powerful snare and a snaky synth bass that’s syncopated and juicy, they establish a groove that does not relent. Pure techno energy and with a crisp sounding production, done by producer Guapo, the output is just fresh, yet familiar.

The clip that Demi uses to promote ‘Golden Boy’ is just as energetic as the song itself. With characterful lighting, color grading, and VFX, Montasser’s team are on the top of their game.

Techno has been among the genres that lately struggled in the mainstream rap scene in the region. With the ascent of sampled beats that helped inject the rap scene with immense rhythmic variety that’s still being explored by the most relevant faces in the scene, yielding fantastic results, artists have let techno take a backseat for a while. Hossam Montasser’s sound is exciting in this regard. He has a rap flow that’s totally his own, and an energy that’s comparable with scene greats. With a single moment in the spotlight, Demi Demon’s techno beats might finally regain some ground, and then who knows… maybe techno is on its way to be the next big thing.