Achelous Ace, the multi-genre music producer and founder of 'Momentum Music Studio', has recently dropped his latest single 'Antalya', a bouncy post-Shaabi-inspired track that showcases his signature style of genre-blending, including hip-hop to dubstep, IDM to orchestral music.

Drawing inspiration from his electronic sonic background, 'Antalya' is a dynamic track that features glitch-hop and bass music elements, with clear influences from the US-based electronic music trio 'The Glitch Mob'. The track is a tantalising taste of Achelous Ace's forthcoming debut album, which promises a unique and creative journey through percussion, vocals, and synth.

"I've released this track to introduce my upcoming album, which I hope to launch later this year. The album will be a unique approach to music production, with a focus on creating uplifting and energetic sounds that push the boundaries of traditional genres." the producer tells #SceneNoise

'Antalya' is a heavily dubbed track with massive break and Reggaeton influences while being a high-energy banger. As a result, Achelous Ace has once again demonstrated his talent for pushing the boundaries of music production and creating innovative sounds that leave a lasting impact. We can't wait to see what he has in store for us with his upcoming album, but for now, we'll be hitting repeat on 'Antalya' and enjoying its infectious beats and dynamic sounds.

Listen to full single: