As part of a loose collective under the name ‘El Mexic’, Abyusif, Abo El Anwar, Ahmed Santa and Lil Baba have amalgamated their considerable talents to produce what can safely be called one of the best Egyptian rap collaborations in recent times. The foursome are, of course, no strangers to each other and have collaborated on different occasions. This new single, ‘K.O.’, is a different beast altogether, though.
A 90’s boom bap beat from Lil Baba sets things up nicely for the trio of rappers to deliver the kind of hard-hitting, hostile lyrics that one might call ‘old school’, further cemented by the fact that it does away with the usual verse-chorus-verse structure - it’s just pure bars.  It allows for pure, quality lyricism, delivery and flow, a marker of the Egyptian rap scene’s continuing rise.