If you’re currently grappling with lovesickness or wallowing in the despair of heartbreak, perhaps Abu’s new anti-Valentine pop track ‘Kaddabeen’ is your sign to let go and move on. 

In ‘Kaddabeen’, the Egyptian singer-songwriter and musician departs from his usual cheerful demeanour, encapsulating the feelings of disappointment and heartbreak that come with toxic relationships. Through raw and honest lyrics, intersected with sentimental traditional Egyptian rhythms, Abu describes the bittersweet reality of draining relationships and the frustration and exhaustion of investing in a connection that offers no reception whatsoever.

By infusing his distinctive musical style with profound sentients and evocative melodies, Abu’s ‘Kaddabeen’ stands as an anthem for those yearning to break free from the chains of unrequited love and embark on a path of self-discovery and healing.

In harmony with the track’s essence, the accompanying music video adopts a minimalist black-and-white aesthetic. Produced by GAMMA Music, the video features moving portraits of Abu donned in a classic black turtleneck, as he reflects on the precious time and energy squandered on loving someone who is not good for you.