Abo El Anwar unveils his debut full length album titled ‘7abba Fo2 // 7abba Ta7t’, the album comes through stacked with features including some of the biggest players in the scene, of course including members of ‘El Mexic’ such as his trusted ally Abyusif alongside Lil Baba and Ahmed Santa as well as other big names including Mousv, FLEX and Slyver.

Abo El Anwar has steadily risen in the rap scene since his emergence through the Rap or Die battle series. If any attribute can be credited to the rapper, it is his adept decision-making and strategic collaborations, which have significantly contributed to the advancement of his career, propelling him to the top of the game. Also his consistent artistic output, with bangers like 'Basha E3temed,' 'Scoo Scoo,' and 'Blanko,' has further solidified his position in the industry.

The artist has consistently collaborated with Abyusif, Lil Baba, Perrie, Ahmed Santa, and Desso AKA 'El Mexic; gang, playing a pivotal role in establishing the group as the biggest hip-hop collective in the scene. Occasionally branching away from 'El Mexic,' the artist showcased his expansive network through collaborations with Marwan Pablo in 'Brrr, Brrr, Brrr' and Mousv in the track '3assas,' both produced by Lil Baba. This string of collaborations continues on the album, creating a hip-hop extravaganza that spans from Abyusif to FLEX and even Essam Sasa, illustrating that Abo El Anwar possesses a discerning taste in curating these features.

The album ventures into a myriad of hip-hop subgenres across the album’s 16 tracks, we see Abo El Anwar’s easy-to-digest flows on a selection of beats that vary between hip-hop (obviously) as well as mahraganat-inspired beats, pop and trap sha’aby, featuring producers like Forty on ‘7abba Fo2’, Dr.Mo3geza on ‘Howa Enta Ahbal; and NADDA & La Sauce on ‘Artistic’. 

'7abba Fo2 // 7abba Ta7t' continues to contribute to Abo El Anwar's evolving musical journey and further asserting his position as an ever-growing artist in the scene with a stacked discography. Having released six EPs and a multitude of singles since emerging onto the scene, the album marks Abo El Anwar first full-length album to date following the success of his mini-album ‘Akhro Noor’.