Jordanian indie musician and singer Atef Malhas might not have many songs to his name out at the moment, in fact there only two original Malhas songs out there as we speak. But Atef seems to have the indie pop charm wrapped around his finger shockingly early on. His first song, ‘Afon Minnk Madam’ (عفواً منك مدام) is as cute, fluffy and filled with warm gooey feelings as any other romantic, ukelele-infused indie pop hit in the past decade, with the bonus being the fact that it’s in Arabic. 

The music video doesn’t shy away from capturing the enchanting feel of the song thanks to Zeina Darwazeh's art direction, and Tunisian artist and Instagram sensation Amina Abdellatif acting opposite side Malhas as his significant other. In between the statuesque hugs and the close ups of the main characters, an accordion player, a harmonica player and a drummer alternate jumping in between the different frames to play the chorus. Much of this takes part amidst the picturesque backdrop of a forest. It is worth mentioning that the female vocals in the song are not Amina’s but actually those of Shermine Sawalha...we were almost fooled there for a minute. 

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