Recently a young music producer landed on our radar: Mohamed El Farra holds many vocations within the music industry, including film soundtrack composer. After composing a song for hit movie El Aslyeen we took it upon ourselves to uncover his story - one that led us to realize that a new era of artistic expression is upon us. Youth movements begin to dominate in an industry shedding its skin and young people are starting to find footing in what was before exclusively held for a handful of big names.

It is no surprise that younger artists in all fields are now finally starting to make a living off of their crafts. A surge in the purchasing power of younger generations in Egypt has led to a shift in public taste giving people like Hayat Selim - Egypt’s first female video game composer - musicians like Amr Khaled founder of Fulltone, bands like Cairokee and Sharmoofers and many more a chance to work in the field full time and make a respectable living. In the past, commercial success was only possible to those willing to forfeit on the integrity of their art. Nowadays we begin to see more and more younger artists purveying a real sound and still managing wide spread success.

Mohamed El Farra started making music at a very young age. In his school's extra curricular music program, El Farra found himself as an artist aided by the support of his teaching staff. Studying music academically however away from school wasn't something that he needed to land a professional gig. Relying on what he picked up at school and from rubbing elbows with some of the scene’s best, El Farra developed his musical persona to the point where he is now building his own empire of sounds. On call live musician, signed music producer, head of audio production at NRJ Radio, recording instrumentalist, and film/advertising scorer - how old is El Farra you ask? 22 years old. 

El Farra says that commercial success does not necessarily mean distasteful output, he asserts that you can pull off commercial success while remaining integral, all you need to do is culture the listener - a task much easier said than done.

Farra just finished composing a song for the campaign of Ahmed Mourad's latest novel - Moosim Sayd Al Ghezlan - with Massar Egabri star singer Hany El Dakkak. Check it out here. He also worked on major Vodafone and Orange projects, became the head of audio production at NRJEgypt and gigged all over Egypt with several bands.

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