Keeping in the holiday tradition of our 2017 list, we have again brought you Youtube's most highly consumed music videos in the Middle East, on a silver Christmas platter. Don't be mad. Open your mind!

1.  Jassim & Alturky & Al-Abdullah
Pretty bummed we just added a view to whatever the hell this is. 

2. Saad Lamjarred - "Ghazali"
Saad looks like he's been hitting the party powder pretty hard, and with that dingleberry in his hair, this could all be a drug induced hallucination. 

3. Hamza Namira - "Dari Ya Alby"
Where in the world is Hamza?

4. Cheba Souad & Hicham Smati - "Our Love Is In Danger"
This would have been a cool porn set. 

5. Esraa Alasel - "Arosa" 
Tomato juice. 

6. Aseel Hamim - "Khalek Bahr"
We thought this was an ad. 

7. Mohamed Ramadan - "NUMBER ONE"
New drinking game - take a shot every time he does a kick. 

8. Douzi - "AMAR" 
Cool CGI bro. 

9. Hala - "Mamnoo Ellames"
What the hell is she doing to her that...PRODUCT PLACEMENT??

10. Rahma Riad - "Waed Menni" 
Alright, apparently there's nothing to do in the Gulf apart from watch Youtube.