In our latest video series Noise Solo - we've scoured the region for the finest, most progressive instrumentalists to showcase them in their natural musical habitat. Center stage with nothing but their instrument, the artists perform away an intimate, solo performance that captures their unique form of musical expression. For the very first episode of Noise Solo, we brought in Egyptian shaabi drummer extraordinaire Khaled Mando. Gaining notoriety for his savage flow and exhilarating international performances with 100COPIES' Islam Chipsy, Mando has been in the forefront of the shaabi scene, revolutionizing the way drums can be integrated with the ever-evolving genre. From using flexible, custom-made drumsticks to catalyzing new, inventive percussive rhythms, Mando does not shy away from delivering captivating, high-energy drum sequences⁠—making him the perfect guest to launch our series.

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