Majaz (“metaphor”) are a progressive fusion folk band from the land of two seas: Bahrain. As is the origin story of more than a few bands, they formed to play a one-off show, but after their music was met with appeal, they decided to stay together, forming in 2013.


Most members of Majaz come from metal backgrounds, except for the cellist, who studied classical and Arabic music. Perhaps this blend is what gives Majaz their epic, beautiful sound, which dances between deeply dramatic and metal inspired moments to transcendent Arabic-folk.


Their debut EP, Rihla, was recorded at their own DIY home studio. Released at the beginning of 2017, it gained them wide recognition; their career has since taken off, and they have established themselves at local favorites on their small but vibrant island nation. We had the chance to chat with the four smiley Bahraini musicians before they opened up Wasla festival in Dubai, about their origins, ambitions, and the burgeoning music scene in Bahrain. That said, they recently released a new single. 


After Wasla, we continued to hang out with Majaz late into the night, learning a lot more about the individuals behind the band and the intricacies of Bahrain's cultural landscape. It was pretty apparent that they were ecstatic about their performance, and super excited to keep it coming. We are looking forward to seeing where this young band ends up, and hopefully get to hang with them again.

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