Kahareb first caught our attention with their glitzy music video for their debut single ‘El Sauce’ which spread like a wildfire through certain pockets of Egyptian social media and raised multiple questions as to who was behind the project. However those who were familiar with the who’s who of the Egyptian music scene could easily spot singer/guitarist Youssef Atwan (previously of Like Jelly) and producer/bassist Mokhtar El Sayeh in the videos. A little over 7 months later, Kahareb have released four, widely acclaimed single with their respectively theatrical video renditions.

Led by Youssef and Mokhtar, Kahareb went on to include drummer Magued Nagati of Bahiyya, Janan and Youssra El Hawary & Band, Omar Magdy of Dokkan, Shadi El Hosseiny as well as backup vocalists Heba Rifaat and Nadine El Chiaty. Having performed only a handful of times since the band’s inception, Kahareb received tremendously positive feedback on their lively, storytelling performances which are widely relatable yet uniquely chosen and crafted into funny, futurist narratives. We caught up with the band to discuss everything from how they got together, how they’ve developed their theatrical flare. Check out the full interview.

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