Founder of ‘Mixed Feelings’, a party series and music label, Danah Gari is here with an intention to bring more of the spotlight on the region’s female DJs. Fueled by her mixed feelings, and her passion for inclusivity for Arabs, and fair representation of women within the music scene, Danah champions DJs whose sounds are inspired by their visceral emotions, and by their brutal honesty when it comes to expressing their sounds via sets.

Currently based in Paris, Dana’s sound primarily features a mix of her most intimate feelings behind decks, cultivating deep dance floor connections. In her words: “Dance floors are chaotic and emotional, yet on real ones there aren’t any political borders, rejected races, or classes, on real dance-floors there is only love & sound.”

While her label is mainly steered towards supporting female artists in the region, ‘Mixed Feelings’ also works with male artists. In short, Danah is here to maximize the attention that’s being put on the region’s DJs, and creating an environment where inclusivity and emotional honesty are always a priority.