As Head of Programming and Marketing at XP Music Futures, Yasmine Rasool is one of the creative powerhouses behind the annual conference’s diverse musical line-up and highly informative panel discussions. Her love for culture, art and music has taken her on a journey of empowering creatives around the region by connecting them to international projects through her platform WAASTAA, and through her work with XP, she hopes to focus her efforts on supporting artists in the region’s music industry.

In this XP conversation, Rasool tells us about the three new initiatives introduced at the 2023 edition of XP Music Futures; ‘Hunna’, a platform built to support female artists around the region, ‘Artist Management Bootcamp’, which aims to supplement the experience of artist managers by providing training with regional and international organizations, and ‘Sound Futures’, where innovative entrepreneurs pitch their ideas to investors in the aim of growing the region’s music technology sector. Rasool also explains how the conference has grown to include new genres this year, such as hard rock and heavy metal, and how they aim to provide more representation to other genres of music in future editions of the conference.

Watch the full interview here: