Artists around Cairo will be familiar with Nazli Reda as the founder of Nazli’s Noise, and front of house engineer at Cairo Jazz Club. The engineer has been striving to improve sound quality in the live music scene, working as one of the top freelance engineers in Egypt, and raising awareness around the best practices of sound engineering to maintain a high level of professionalism in live events across the country.

In this edition of XP Conversations, Nazli tries to pinpoint the factors that have led to the drop in sound quality at events around the region, a consequence that she attributes to the lack of formal education and experience in the field. She also tells us about her panel on safe hearing at XP Music Futures, and how she feels responsible for raising awareness around the issue, as long exposure to loud sound sources can lead to irreversible hearing damage, which - when combined with the lack of regulations around loudness and leveling - poses a real risk in the region’s party scene.

Watch the full interview here: