As co-founder of Aeon Collective, a Saudi Arabian non-profit organization dedicated to advancing sustainability and development in the kingdom and beyond, HH princess Mashael Alshalan aims to guide Saudi Arabia’s young community towards a more environmentally conscious future. In the context of the region’s music industry, Saudi Arabia has become a key player in hosting large scale events, which are a core pillar in the kingdom’s larger entertainment sector, and the growing importance of the industry has raised efforts to make it more sustainable in the long term.

In this XP conversation, HH Mashael Alshalan explains that developing safe spaces for events is vital to the industry’s longevity, how Saudi Arabia’s youth is one of the country’s greatest resources, and how the people of Saudi Arabia have always had music as an essential part of their lives, recounting her own experience “fake DJing” to herself at a point of her life.

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