While traditional Ramadan mosalsalet often come with a heavy dose of nostalgia and classical melodrama, this year, the hit Ramadan series 'El Harsha El Sabaa' brought a fresh approach to storytelling and, similarly, music to the silver screen.

Directed by Karim El Shennawy and written by acclaimed screenwriter Mariam Naoum, the social drama's carefully curated soundtrack featured rising regional voices, sonically telling a new story with melodies often unheard in Egyptian series. 'El Harsha El Sabaa' soundtrack, by prolific composer Khaled Al Kammar, seamlessly blends with the regional music scene’s freshest voices, from rap to electronic and indie music.

We’ve compiled a list of the eclectic sounds that made it into the series, from producer El Waili, and Donia Wael to Alexandria-born band Massar Egbari, Lebanon’s Rand, rising rapper Ziad Zaza and more.

Massar Egbari - Kelma

Bekya - Donia Waelll & El WailiEl Qahera - Donia Waelll & El Waili

Sucre - ŸUMA

Leh Btedaye2 - Ziad Zaza & El Waili

Haki Ma Naal - Rand

Law - Samar Tarik & El Waili

El Harsha El Saba'a Soundtrack - Khaled Al Kammar