Along its history, many musicians, singers, and poets have taken to immortalizing Palestinian stories and culture through song and verse. From wedding songs, to traditional Dabke music, to tales that speak of the tragedies which have taken place throughout the decades-long occupation, Palestinian folkloric music gives us a glimpse into the joys and struggles of the Palestinian people.

While the Information surrounding music composed prior to the Nakba is scarce, and some of the composers of these works have been lost to history, these songs are still heard today, reinterpreted by generations of singers and artists throughout the decades, and have become a staple of Palestinian folklore.

In this list, we have compiled renditions of the most well known Palestinian folk songs that have gained popularity along the years, performed by prominent contemporary artists who have furthered these songs’ legacies through their platforms.

Hamza Namira & 47 Soul - Ya Zareef Al-tool

Marcel Khalife - Jafra

Henna Haj Hasan - Qoulou La Omo

Juthoor Al ‘Ashiqeen Band - Sabl ‘Oyouno

Abu Arab - Ya Yammah

Nai Barghouti - Yamma Mweil El Hawa

Mohammed Assaf - Wein ‘A Ramallah

Dalal Abu Amneh - Bayaa El Toufah / Ya Sitti El Kol