When it comes to threading music and film together into a tapestry of sound, one artist emerges as the leading figure: Egyptian producer and sound designer Ramez Naguib.

A pioneering sound engineer, Ramez’s work encompasses an expansive spectrum of productions, including advertisements, theatre, audiobooks and short films. Looking to hear some of his soundtracks? One needs only to tune in to their favourite commercials and videos by the likes of Juyahna, Lactel, Fern, Techno and Chill, and Laverne’s latest ad featuring Georgina Rodriguez. 

Meanwhile Naguib has made a name for himself in Egypt's nightlife scene with a live act that blends a variety of his influences into a popular driving house and funk set.

A go-to producer in the scene, Ramez has collaborated with various Egyptian artists such as Double Zuksh, Flex, Emsallam and Mr. Kordy. The culmination of his musical endeavours manifests in his upcoming album, an ultimate pan-Arab project that brings together diverse artists from across the region.

In an exclusive interview with SceneNoise, Ramez provides an insider's perspective on his upcoming album, unveiling its star-studded lineup. Delving into the projects that have left an indelible mark on his career and shedding light on his rapid production process, Ramez also offers a glimpse into the captivating world of his sound productions.