Rising amidst the realities of political and economic unrest in Lebanon, artist, producer, director and independent label runner Blu Fiefer has been swimming against the current throughout her career, growing a loyal fan base by accurately depicting the state of Lebanese youth culture through her lyricism and messaging.

Despite struggling to find funding and support for her career and record label, aptly named ‘Mafi Budget’, the Lebanese creative powerhouse has consistently taken matters into her own hands by handling everything from music production to mixing, music video direction, post production, and even handling release and distribution with her small team.

In this interview, Fiefer tells us about dropping out of school to pursue her music career, and about attending music school, where she started exploring singing and instrumentation, which later informed her music production career. She also tells us about her rise through hit tracks like ‘Sint el Ew’, which tackles the state of Lebanon during the hardships faced in 2020, and ‘Nazele Big Champagne’ which explores the escapism laced into Lebanese night-life. Fifer dives into the inception of ‘Mafi Budget’, and how she hopes to expand the impact of Arabic hip-hop culture through delivering meaningful and authentic music.

Watch the full interview here: