Fan-favorite Egyptian rapper/ producer Lege-Cy’s singular musical style and personal penmanship has made him into a regional rap trail-blazer. Originally from the city of Tanta in Egypt, Lege-Cy’s career blossomed while working in Cairo, and the artist still stands as one of the most influential rappers in today’s rap soundscape.

In Red Bull’s ‘Sada Soot’, Lege-Cy went back to his hometown of Tanta to work with local musicians on a track that represents the sound of the city through using traditional instruments and musical techniques.

We caught up with Lege-Cy at the Red Bull Office in ‘Sada Soot Talks’ where the rapper told us about wanting to learn the violin, his could-have-been career as a programmer, his hidden talents at billiards, and wanting to work with Mike Dean and Kanye West out of anyone in the world.

Watch the full video here: