In the EDM scene, very few DJs and producers can hold the energy of a packed dance floor like Gawdat. No matter where they are playing, the trailblazing Egyptian DJ/producer duo, Abdelrahman and Aly Gawdat, have the ability to read the crowd and fill the atmosphere with an uplifting energy. Behind the decks, the duo’s chemistry is palpable; they move as one in a compelling synergy, spinning a unique blend of nostalgic and contemporary sounds.

Drawing inspiration from the golden era of R&B and hip-hop that they’ve grown up listening to, Gawdat has crafted a signature playful sound that is light, groove-laden and irresistibly danceable. Their discipline and thirst for constant improvement, coupled with their musical background, propelled them to become industry heavyweights in a short amount of time. For over 14 years now, Gawdat’s music has played across the regional and global clubbing circuit, headlining sets at famed festivals from Caprice to Sunwaves and beyond, and sharing turntables with prominent global acts.

Fueled by an unwavering commitment to pushing the region’s music scene forward, the Egyptian duo have recently launched the first-of-its-kind MENA-wide electronic dance music label, DancIN, with a tech-house EP ‘Bounce’ - which has received support from famous DJs in the global house scene like Chloe Calliet and Carlita. Serving as a portal between the Middle East and the West, the label acts as a launchpad for the region’s rising production talents, providing them with networking opportunities, event residencies and visibility among acclaimed DJs and global industry leaders, along with support from their collaboration with US-based distribution giant EMPIRE Dance.  

An extension of Beatrood Records, founded by the duo’s brother Omar Gawdat, the label is not focused on a certain sound but rather embraces a wide range of genres from tech-house, funk and disco to minimal and deep-tech.  In an exclusive interview with SceneNoise, the Gawdat brothers share how it all started with a prom party, the importance of reading the crowd, and the long-term goals for their newly launched dance label.

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