Through his lyrical talent and sonic experimentation, Egyptian rapper Slyver has become one of the most prominent rappers of his generation, reaching mainstream success with hits such as ‘Freska’ and ‘Boleka ft. Oka’.

In Red Bull’s ‘Sada Soot’, Slyver goes back to his hometown of Mansoura, where he worked with local musicians on a track that captures the essence of the city. In ’Sada Soot Talks’, we caught up with the artist  to talk more about the experience, and about his music and hometown.

Here, Slyver tells us about how he found peace of mind in Mansoura, and how he goes back to disconnect from Cairo’s fast-paced energy. He also talks about wanting to get into fashion design before his music career took off, and how fellow artist Donia Wael’s instagram videos made him want to learn the piano.

Watch the full video here: