With a universe of digital streaming platforms at our fingerprints, accessibility to music has never been easier. Despite this overwhelming supply of algorithmically-curated content however, our desire for analog hardware remains fixed in our DNA. The crate digging expeditions, the pop and crackle of the needle, and even the spine-curling sound of a scratched LP contribute to the overall tactility of the vinyl experience; the nostalgia emanating from a record is deeply ingrained in the interaction between the listener and equipment.

With a growing demand for retro sound systems, the crisp and warm imperfections of spinning discs have become a physical manifestation of history in its sonic form. Hopping on this trend, vinyl advocates across Dubai strive to recreate this authentic experience with various spaces catering to this growing demand…


Unit 8, Al Marabea' St - 14B Street 14B 

Raw Music Store, offers a vast selection of vintage and new records across all kinds of music, from Radiohead to Turkish folk. Customers can also find turntables and accessories for their growing vinyl collection. Additionally, Raw Music Store provides hi-fi products and vinyl care items to ensure collections stay in top condition.


Unit 71, Alserkal Avenue

The Flip Side is a unique record store in Dubai's Alserkal Avenue, offering an extensive collection of vinyl records across various genres like electronic, world, funk, jazz, and rock. Beyond just selling music, it hosts DJ sessions, showcases, documentary screenings, and music workshops. Live performances are common, and there's an online shop for added convenience. The store also stocks music magazines and turntable accessories. Notably, it showcases emerging Arab artists, making it a hotspot for contemporary Arab music.


Pullman Dubai Downtown - Level 2 - Business Bay

Honeycomb Hi-Fi offers an eclectic mix of global sounds, Izakaya-style dining, rotating art exhibitions, and a vinyl record and book shop. With weekly DJ sets and listening sessions on a high-quality Ojas sound system, it's a haven for music enthusiasts seeking a superior audio experience. The goal was to create a community hub where people can connect over their shared love for music, fostering engaging conversations and hosting performances by both local and international DJs. This setup evokes nostalgia for vinyl culture enthusiasts and crate-diggers, making Honeycomb Hi-Fi more than just a restaurant. 


Dubai - Al Barsha 1 - The B1 Mall

Metal East Records, a Dubai-based record store offering a range of vinyl records, cassette tapes, turntables, and merchandise, and established in 2012, initially emerged as an independent record label dedicated to aiding proficient Middle Eastern metal bands in distributing their albums within the regional market. By 2013, the company expanded its scope by initiating event management services, coordinating metal concerts with the aim of nurturing the local scene and providing Middle Eastern metal bands with opportunities to collaborate on stage with international acts.


Real Estate Building - 9th St - Showroom 9

Cavo Music Store is a music lover's paradise, boasting a diverse vinyl collection spanning Jazz, World Music, Blues, Soul, Pop, and K-pop. Renowned for their expertise in music licensing and commitment to authenticity, Cavo stands out. Whether you're a seasoned collector or new to vinyl, Cavo offers a welcoming space both in-store and online for all music enthusiasts to explore and enjoy.