Known for her raw lyrics and striking emotional chords, Egyptian singer-songwriter, Malak, made her first public mark with her 2014 debut EP, Alters, before a twist of fate found her on season four of MBC’s ‘The X-Factor’, where her talents reached wider audiences. This was just the tip of the iceberg, though, a foreword to a story that was still being written.

What followed was a six-year hiatus that left many wondering whether the artist would ever return, whether she would ever reach the heights that her early work promised - work that won her comparisons with the likes of Lana Del Ray.  In May, 2020, Malak reemerged with a new single in tow, one that would be the first peek at her debut LP, Bedside, which was fully released one-year later. 

Marking more than just her return, the album showcases a remarkable evolution of the Malak that held so much potential almost seven years ago. Her sound is refined, her messages personal, her charisma undeniable. Think of this version of the artist not as a Malak 2.0, but the authentic Malak, a fully-formed artist with a distinctive artistic voice and a vision that means that she’s only just getting started, as we found out when we sat down with her.