In the historical province of Bursa, Turkey, a young Mahmut Orhan found himself enthralled by the electronic underground. Drawing from his strong Turkish musical heritage, Mahmut began experimenting with recording and sampling traditional instruments and blending those samples into electronic sounds.

Little did he know that this fascination would propel him into the limelight of the international music scene. From his humble beginnings as a make-shift DJ performing in the local Bebek nightclub in Istanbul, to now gracing the stages of renowned festivals like Exit in Serbia and Untold in Romania, Mahmut welcomes SceneNoise into his journey, one of hard-work, resilience and a deep-rooted connection to his homeland.

"Where I grew up, there weren't too many careers that paid well," Mahmut tells SceneNoise. "I started helping set up events for other people and worked at that for a while. I looked at the DJs and thought, 'Why not? I should give this a go.' I never looked back!" It was this fearless leap into the unknown that set the stage for Mahmut's meteoric rise in the music industry.

Throughout his career, Mahmut has carved out a niche for himself with his trademark sounds, seamlessly blending traditional Turkish influences with modern electronic compositions. "I've used traditional Turkish sounds and instruments in my work, particularly the Saz, as well as elements I've picked up from across the world," he explains. "I like bringing traditional cultural influences I've picked up into my modern electronic style."

This unique fusion of East and West is evident in his hit singles like 'Age of Emotions' and 'Feel,' which have garnered widespread acclaim for their innovative soundscapes. "‘Allies’ was a big moment for me," Mahmut reflects. "The track was the first time I laid out my new direction in sound and style - going deeper and darker. The transition was seamless and led to the sound you hear now."

With the upcoming release of his debut album, 'Pangea’ on March 22 via Ultra Records, he is poised to guide his listeners on a voyage across continents and cultures. "I loved creating ‘Pangea’," he shares. "It represents my diverse musical journey, and in parallel, it serves as a symbol of Earth's unity, as the songs seamlessly blend together elements from a wide geographic range… stretching from Central Asia to the American continents."

As he gears up for performances at iconic festivals like Coachella, Ultra, and Tomorrowland, Mahmut remains focused on delivering unforgettable experiences for his fans. "They will be experiences I remember for a lifetime – huge moments," he says. "So I'm psychologically preparing myself for the crowd that will be in front of me and the massive production."

With his unwavering passion and innovative spirit, he continues to push the boundaries of electronic music, consistently finding ways of weaving deep house, nu/disco and electronica into its fabric. Using Turkey as his creative launchpad, Mahmut’s music draws from his strong heritage while looking beyond the conventional musical genres. Although Mahmut has left an indelible mark on the global music scene, Turkey remains his home and first source of support: “The electronic scene is growing there, especially in Istanbul, with hundreds of events every year. They’ve really gotten behind me and my music and continue to support me.”