Egyptian rapper and producer Arsenik has become a fan-favourite in the region’s music scene thanks to his precise lyricism and technical ability. Throughout his career, the self-taught artist has been representing the southern regions of Egypt with a style that combines his energetic vocal delivery with a wide range of hip-hop instrumentals.

In Red Bulls’s Sada Soot, Arsenik goes back to his hometown of Asyut to work with local musicians on a track that encapsulates the spirit of the city while making use of traditional instruments. In ‘Sada Soot Talks’, we caught up with the artist to dive deeper into the experience.

Here, Arsenik tells us about connecting with his father early in his career over a shared love of music, about his first ever live show at Darb 1718. He also shares his dream track line-up, where he, Eminem and Kendrick Lamar would diss Drake on a beat produced by Mike Dean, Dr. Dre, and Metro Boomin.

Watch the full video here: