In his debut album ‘Mangesto’, Egyptian rapper Wingii takes listeners along on a journey through his family life and personal experiences, looking to his uncle Mangesto, who the album is named after, for inspiration.

Along with fellow members of the rap crew Maadi Town Mafia, Wingii has found success in the regional music industry, having released and been featured on multiple viral hits such as ‘Khamsa’, ‘Zee3’, and ‘Dawletna’. Today, the crew’s take on drill, Jersey club and trap have made them influential players in Egypt’s rap scene, and their exploration of new sonic territories is still ongoing, as we can hear on Wingii’s latest LP.

On the album, Wingii shifts between aforementioned drill, Jersey club, and trap sonics, while also touching on more orchestral soundscapes, as we hear a ballad-like piano driven instrumental in the title track ‘Mangestro (Intro)’. He also explores an interesting mix of rap and alternative rock on the final track of the album ‘Arg3 El Beit’ featuring Mahmoud Siam of the popular Egyptian rock band Massar Egbari.

We caught up with Wingii at Maadi Town Mafia’s studio, where we took a closer look at the influences and anecdotes that bring the album together, glancing behind the scenes at his writing and creative process.

Watch the full interview here: