SceneNoise sits down with Turk, a rising figure in the hip-hop sphere who has been making waves since his emergence in 2021. The rapper discusses his latest joint EP with Ziad Zaza, titled '2000 GEN', shedding light on his vision for the rap scene, the significance of visuals, and the unconventional creative process that shaped the album.

Collaborating with Ziad Zaza on the 4-track EP, Turk adopts an aggressive approach in vocals and lyricism, showcasing hard-hitting flows and confrontational bars. Backed by beats from Kingoo and Ismail Nosrat, the EP delivers a fusion of experimental trap elements and drill aesthetics, complemented by techno influences and glitchy undertones.

As a teaser for the EP, the rapper unveiled a short film of the same title, executed entirely in CGI. The film features 3D representations of the album's four rappers within a dystopian setting, providing viewers with a glimpse into the imaginative world surrounding the project.

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