SAMA' سماء

Sama Abdulhadi aka SAMA', and previously known as SkyWalker, is credited as the first DJ to have brought techno to Ramallah, and in fact to be the first Palestinian DJ and producer. She started mixing music in 2006, and began producing her own music in 2010, focusing on techno, house and other deeper sub-genres. She later graduated from S.A.E. London with a BSc in Audio Engineering and Music Productions. Following this, SAMA' moved to Cairo to work as a sound designer, producer and trainer. In 2017, she moved to Paris, where she is currently based, to work on her upcoming album at the International City of Art in Paris. She describes her sound as "powerful punchy techno, dry and musical all at once, with a very personal twist." She has released two albums, “Life’s Pace” a debut EP with Itchycoo Records, and “Quantum Morphosis”, a self-released independent triptych, which is on iTunes and all major platforms. SAMA' has performed in countries worldwide including Palestine, Jordan, Egypt, UK, France and Belgium, Germany, Italy.