Agoria is a French electronic music producer, composer and DJ. His work includes four albums and he is one of the founders of the record label InFiné. His career started back in 1999 and he first gained international attention in 2002. In 2006 he dropped his second album as well as co-founded InFiné. On his third album Impermanence from 2011 he pairs up with big names as Seth Troxler or Carl Craig. In his latest production Embrace he aims to combine his interest in contemporary art, fashion as well as music, introducing the world to his new Drift-style. "“Drift is a mind-set, it’s about freedom in music, and musical taste. Drift as a genre of music is a bridge which unifies, links territories, creating new frontiers, inventing new codes’ Agoria explains. ‘Drift is sharing the couch between your guilty pleasure and your tasteful opinion.”