Horrible DJs

The dynamic duo of Timmy and Wally are a regular feature in Cairo’s nightlife scene as well as its daylife, and dusklife scene. They especially thrive playing under fiery pink skies with a tepid breeze in the air. Horrible DJs’ musical antics have also seen them breakthrough internationally, with bookings recently flooding in from across Europe and the Middle East, from Dubai to Warsaw to Rome. Their music style is a melange of epic high-octane explosive, eccentric, esoteric, extravagant, quixotic, mash potatoes. DJ Mag has dubbed their music, "life-changing, mind-altering, mind-blowing, mind-food." Mix Mag called them...but they didn't answer the phone. Zahi Hawass, former Minister of Antiquities and the man who invented the Pharaohs, said that this musical duo are amongst his most prized discoveries. Watch them, listen to them, love them, touch them... and they may just touch you back.