El Morabba3

The Jordan-based group was formed in 2009 as an Arab rock band. In July 2012 they released a debut album, titled El Morabba3 (The Square), gaining huge popularity across the region. In 2015 they released their public funding campaign for their newest album, Min Nifs El Nas. The band’s fan base throughout the Arab World and internationally has been steadily on the rise with every live performance. Most recently, they appeared in front of thousands of fans as part of a major musical competition called SoundClash in Amman against another Jordanian band called Autostrad. "El Morabba3 to us is the window in which we see things we want to express...being from a region that had seen a lot and still does every day. This window serves as our escape and our return all together" - El Morabba3 Band members: Muhammad Abdullah : Bass, Song writer, Vocals Odai Shawagfeh : E.Guitar, Keys/Synth, Producer Dirar Shawagfeh : Drums