Born in the UK and raised in Beirut, William Mahfoud aka Rise 1969 studied audio production at London’s SAE and ended up working with a number of mixing and mastering studios in London, Dubai and Beirut. Recently deciding to dedicate more of his time to music, William released a number of productions including two full-length studio albums, most notably on imprints like Air Snare and DMT. He also held a residency at Beirut’s Projekt as well as playing in venues like The Grand Factory, The Ballroom Blitz, Electrowekz and Ministry of Sound.

Last year Mahfoud went on to join and eventually win last year’s Beirut Berlin Express competition (BBX) organized by The Grand Factory, he has just spent the summer at BlackHead Studios in Berlin under the mentorship of Moodmusic Records boss Sasse, and is set to release his new album next month. Check out what he put together for us in this week’s edition of Select.

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