Egyptian DJ, Azaar, has made a name for himself as the go-to spinner when it comes to pools, beach and house parties; a reputation owed to the fact that he can seamlessly go from one sound to another. Whether it’s the classics or the new club bangers, this is one DJ that knows how to read a crowd and adjust accordingly. Having made several appearances at SceneNoise events such as Noise Sessions and invariably nailed it every time, the Cairo-native has recorded an exclusive set for this week’s Select, marking his first recorded set in two whole years.

Without the use of any kind of controllers, Azaar has recorded a flawless mix that goes from disco, to house, to lo-fi, showcasing a bit of each of his favorite dance music sounds, featuring artists like Mr. Fries, Folamour, Hotmood, Kapote, Eli Escobar, Louie Vega, Tom of Brooklyn and Midland. Now’s the time to press play.

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