This week’s episode of Select comes from a a DJ, producer and label owner who has contributed a lot to the region’s electronic music scene. Amr Mohey, a man with a keen understanding of the electronic music realm and its subgenres, has already scored many achievements in Egypt, including signing top local talents to his label, including Chaiti and The Meteors Project, organising several BESWORX  nights to showcase the label roster, and gaining the support of heavyweights in the industry like Nick Warren and Undercatt to name but a few. Moving to Dubai was a game changer for him as it expanded his horizons and opened many doors for him when talking gigs. The groove-infused set reveals Mohey’s tranquil musical side, and is built on a mature selection of tracks that would slowly but surely heat the floor in preparation for the headliner to come in and smash it. Listen in and groove on.

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