This week's Select set features none other than the almighty, though little-known genius Ramez Moufid aka Moff. Moff is a Cairo based DJ/producer who recently made his debut at Nacelle's House Sessions, in which he made a solid impression on the promoters and audience alike. Moff takes from the disciplines of minimal, house and techno, throwing rock hard punches between soft embraces. He shines bright amidst an ocean of poser DJ wannabes. 
Moff's delivered us a chic set of raw but elegantly stitched together tracks that travel through the different shades of house, and features artists such as, Christopher Ledger, Traumer, Makcim & Levi, NTFO and Rhadow.

Hint hint…he may surface at our next Noise Sessions party.

Keep up with Moff on his Soundcloud.