For this week’s edition of Select we’re proud to feature one of the few regional talents (and even one of the fewer Algerian ones) whose music has been truly resonating in the European underground circuits of lo-fi and minimal. We’re talking about Mannheim based Algerian DJ/producer Selim Bouziri aka Wave Particle Singularity, who over the course of his brief career managed to land tracks on some reputable and clandestine imprints like Garamaphone and Silencio.

Right now he’s hot off the heels of a new release, a two-track EP by the name Emotional Intelligence on Austrian label Soundterrasse. For this mix Wave took it upon himself to introduce us to what the essence of his sound is all about. Starting out on an intricate note of microhouse, Francesco Del Garda & Seuil “333” sets the tone and wastes no time in intriguing us and having us glued to our headphones. 

He then maintains this lo-fi touch for a period of several tracks that include his hypnotic bootleg of Ricardo Villalobos’s “Skinfummel”. From 27 minutes onwards the vibe tilts more towards minimal with tracks like Mishel A & Lost.Act’s “Trump” and Herck’s “Amethyst”. From then on the set can be described as the perfect marriage between the often confused microhouse/minimal sounds. Tracks that propel this portion are Monika Ross’s “Magnetism”, Selim’s own “Quest for Inspiration” (unreleased) and the closing track, Fabe’s “Romantic Fade” makes for a lush, blissful closing that keeps us yearning for more. 

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