Not many people know who Sally Mostafa is. As a matter of fact up, until her gig at Exit this summer, we had never heard of her before. Sally Mostafa, AKA Taky, is in our humble opinion one of the most talented female Egyptian DJs right now. A civil engineer by day, she moved to New York City for a work in 2013, and that was where she started DJing.

Fast forward a couple of years, and Taky is back in Egypt, with no means of getting herself herself any gigs at the time. So she started Deviations, her monthly online show, and through Deviations she managed to land her first gig at Exit alongside Fayek, and Saudi duo Dish Dash. She killed it. Her set was pure fire - in our opinion one of the best sets played at Sahel this summer - and we just had to have her on Sahel Select.The set features music by Xyz, La Fleur, Manuel Sofia, Sasha, and many more. Right at the offset you will notice that her style is not so obvious - highly energetic, but not very emotional. Fantastic track selection, and her mixing is right on point. It's Techno, it's House, with a hint of Electronica. The set can work at so many moments, including but not limited to; the car, the pool, the party, and of course, the after-party. Don't forget to catch Taky's set this coming Friday at the Theater of Dreams beach party in Sahel.

Follow Taky on Facebook here, and check out her radio show Deviations on her Soundcloud.