Now that the DJ has replaced the rockstar as the pillar of coolness, everyone has that fantasy of being the badass behind the decks. This has resulted in a scene that is more competitive than ever, encompassing both those with talent, and of course the posers. To counter the latter, we have decided to give a push to the talented through our new series Houseplant, where we choose upcoming DJs and give them the chance to play a set in our own little jungle, and show the world what cats they’ve got in the bag, or their flash memory.

For this episode of Houseplant, we decided to shed light upon one of Egypt’s most underrated DJs/producers, Mazen El Messery, who at some point started gaining recognition for his oriental house sound, until he decided to start all over again. Mazen re-invented himself by shifting to a more mature side of the house spectrum. Relying on solid grooves, lo-fi sounds and creative sampling, Messery played a tasteful set worth your attention.

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