This week on Select 204, we have a special set from Lazuli, an Egyptian party series amplifying the sounds of local rising DJs through its dynamic showcases, from intimate rooftop sessions to different party concepts like Dafunk, Subliminal, Alive and Plan B.

Skillfully curated and mixed by Lazuli’s residents Ram, Adam, Fady, Xtrakarim and K-Laff, the set will take you on a two-and-a-half-hour wild sonic journey, akin to Lazuli’s distinctive parties, all from the comfort of your abode.

The set unfurls with a brewing thirty minutes of minimal house beats from Ram featuring tunes like Heimyl’s ‘Back’s groove’ and Madvilla’s ‘Orbit’. As we enter the second half of the first hour Fady lures us in with some deep basslines from his ambient soundscapes, before giving way to a high-octane B2B session from Xtrakarim and Adam featuring hard syncopated basslines and some thumbing tunes lke Mole Music’s ‘Check Ourself’ and Furz’s ‘Take Out’. Ending on a high note, the set culminates with K-Laff’s sweltering synths and pulsing hit-hats that will take you back to studio 54 (all hip-sways and shoulder twists included).

Listen to the full set here: