Despite having to balance his budding DJing career with the demands of med-school, Cairo-based Youssef Yasser is in a constant state of hunting, digging for the rarest of rarest mind-blowing tracks - an M.O that has seen him make appearances on Rinse FM and ZULI’s show on NTS.

Music has always been a part of Yasser’s life, having learned to play the guitar at a young age. It was in the realm of electronic music where he really caught the music bug, however, and the sheer variety and eclecticness of his selections that separates him from the crowd. Ultimately, his battle is a noble one, as he looks to expand the Egyptian scene’s horizon’s beyond the eight electronic genres local ears have become accustomed to.

From post-club, electro-shabi and experimental ambient, to house, minimal and funk, this is one DJ who spits on the very concept of genre. For his Select mix, he’s chosen to go down the road of funk and house - enjoy.