Egyptian lawyer by day and DJ by night, Malak Basha aka MLK, presents a dynamic, high-energy set made to move the dance floor. Based in Amsterdam, MLK is heavily immersed in electronic music, which she seeks as a form of therapy, energy release, and a way to genuinely connect with people.

MLK gravitates towards high energy music that shakes the dance floor and gets everyone out of their bodies. She has a penchant for heavy bass and groovy beats, which ultimately guided her track selection in this set. In her hour-long mix, she combines hard techno, speedy bps and dancey trance to create a pure rave atmosphere.

MLK’s hour-long set cuts across a diverse mix of tunes ranging from hard techno, trance, acid and hard dance. Her track selection is mostly underground artists and producers including Matrak, Sopik, Mirzika and more.

Listen to the set here: