Hashem El Saifi is a Cairo-based singer-songwriter, producer, and DJ who released his first solo, indie rock EP, ‘Other Clone’ in 2017 followed by the 2021 release of his synth-pop-rock EP, ‘Kolena Benmel Fe Youm’ in 2021. As one of few rock DJs, Hashem found a niche early on his DJ career and has since ventured into merging the sounds of rock, disco, synths and electro to create sets that offer a truly dynamic sonic journey.  

In this hour-long, downtempo and eclectic set, Hashem’s selections take us on a trip through time, Arabic disco classics like Al Masriyeen’s ‘Mafatshi Leh’, to contemporary R&B like Lella Fadda’s ‘Ghareeba’ to electronica by Ghost Valley with ‘Invisible Temple,’ and more.

Listen to the set here: