It’s Valentine’s Day, and we're here to present the second volume of our ‘LOVE ME!’ playlist.

We've curated tracks that cater to both the lovers and the heartbroken amongst us, ranging from timeless classics like Asmahan’s 'Ya Habibi Taala' and Sayed Darwish's 'Ana Haweet' to indie favourites like Jadal's 'Ya Ahla Oyoun' and Akher Zapheer's 'Cacharel. We’ve also thrown in some emotional rap tunes heard in Karim Osama’s 'Ymkn Ala Bali' and Mousv’s 'Nasiny.' And for those celebrating anti-Valentine's sentiments, fear not, as you can simply indulge in 'El Hob Ebn Wes5a' by Abyusif on repeat.