This week's Select features Nour Fahmy, who helped us get this podcast up and running in its toddler days by providing us with a set for our fourth episode. However, that was nearly two years ago and a lot has changed since then; as Nour comes back for our 30th episode, there is little similarity between the two performances. 

As the microhouse/breakbeat/minimal trifecta is taking Cairo by storm, Nour finds a way to take all of that and transform it into easily digestible weekend listening. The set is a breath of fresh air that emanates a nonchalant chill, a refreshing departure from mixes where the artist behind them takes him/herself too seriously or is too bent on showcasing their skills with a specific form of experimentation.

The highlight tracks of the set have to be awarded to Claro Intelecto’s "Peace of Mind," Baaz’s "Ancestors Fun," Atmosfear’s rampant house piece, "Feel Up," DJ Steaw’s "Aquarius" and Get Fucked’s oldschool gem, "Unreleased Kraut Jazz." The set is an overall highly enjoyable selection that we guarantee you’ll be revisiting. 


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