What can one say about the massive production powerhouse that is Hady Tarek? We can only state the facts. For over a decade now, since 2003, Hady has been busy at work, pumping out beats, both DJ sets and own productions; conveyor belt of tunes running out of Hady's studio, and into the grasp of some of the world's biggest imprints.

His tracks on FSOE/Armada, Mjoy, Glamour Punk, and several other labels, saw massive support from many of the world's best artists. His sets have been featured on some of the world's biggest radio stations and his music in general is listened to by a wide audience all over the world. We are insanely proud to present to you this episode of Sahel Select, by one of Egypt's true old school masters.House at its finest, ladies and gents, is the focus of today's episode. Hady's signature sequencing is evident throughout the set; it starts off with some very funky Tech House cuts, that soon progress to deeper levels. An energetic build-up, that leads to an ethereal sound, touching on some very profound peak moments. The set features tracks by Michael Nunes, Lorys De Falco, Blaze, Alex Niggeman, and Hady himself. A truly amazing mix that would work for you in any Sahel situation.

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